Gold Coast To Add Another Massive Skyscraper “The Orion Towers” To Its List

Gold Coast will see another remarkable skyscraper built on its grounds. An application for the development of The Orion Towers Project was submitted. The proposal involves the development of two towers. The first tower will rise at a height of 328 meters while the second tower will be 274 meters high. Tower 1 and tower 2 will be linked through a curved bridge, which will be built at the podium level of the structures. The submission of the plan for the development of The Orion Towers comes as many other similar buildings are under construction within the Gold Coast.

The world renowned Wood Bagot designed the proposed residential tower. It will feature various offerings. It will be integrated with innovative amenities. Apart from the residential units, the tenants and the public will get access to various food and beverages stores, a five-star hotel, as well as a restaurant and observation deck. Apart from all these, the project will have one special crowd puller. One of its greatest highlights is the horizontal gold plating. Its purpose is to streamline the tower’s façade, emphasize the curved style of its exterior and, support its height. The residential tower’s design boasts of an articulated geometry wherein the view is focused outwards. This kind of layout promotes a higher level of privacy to the residents of the tower. Furthermore, it adds to the unique aesthetics of the tower itself.

Gold Coast currently has nine high-rise buildings. These structures, which are at least 150 meters tall, are either hotels, residential structures, or commercial towers. One good example is the Q1 Resort and Spa, which is Australia’s tallest building at a height of 321 meters.

Meanwhile, there are other skyscrapers in line and waiting to be developed. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat said twenty-two similar projects are in the pipeline including the 48-level Wanda Ridong Hotel and the 89-storey Spirit 89 apartment complex.

The Orion Tower project will be finished after 10 years. The structures will be taller than Q1 but, it will be unable to claim the title as Gold Coast’s tallest building. The 104-storey Imperial City Tower 1 at Southport is expected to claim this epithet. It will stand at a remarkable 335 meters once it is completed by 2019.In terms of the tallest building that is still set to be constructed, the title goes to a 381-meter structure that is expected to be developed in Sydney. Once these pending projects are brought to life, GoldCoast will make its mark by having three of the four tallest buildings in Australia. It will also put GoldCoast on the map as one of the places in the nation that is ideal for high-rise building development.